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“When I fold a piece of paper there is this magic feeling that, even though I know the end result, I also know I will be in awe.”

Leonor Rosser

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  1. joan bancel says:

    Hi Leonor,

    You visited my shop sat evening and suggested i look at your images. of course i love your origami. I love the cranes,,,it would be fun to see if some of your ideas can sell in our shop. I love the delicacy of the tiny cranes on the wine bottles and on the wire. I am fascinated,,,,shannon has not seen them yet,,,she will love them.
    But we never know how product will work until we try it out,,,and of course price points these days are always a factor,,,but first we have to love the product,,,and then we look at the other details.

  2. Sofía says:

    Hi Leonor!

    Your images are beautiful, as well as all of your site. It is of great pleasure to see people’s passion, creativity and dedication in the arts. I’m one (of many, i am sure) big admirer of your work!

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